A fact is this that the scientists and researchers through out the world are putting lot of effort to make covid-19 vaccine to fight with this fetal disease however, a Bharatiya Janata Party MP has claimed that novel coronavirus will be destroyed as soon as Ram temple in Ayodhya is built.

Jaskaur Meena, a BJP MP from Dausa, Rajasthan Lok Sabha constituency has claimed that the solution to the Covid-19 pandemic is the construction of Ram Mandir.

“Hum tom aadhyatmik shakti ke pujari hain, aadhyatmik shakti ke hisab se chalte hain. Mandir bante hi corona bhag jayega” [We are believers and followers of spiritual powers. Coronavirus will be destroyed as soon as Ram Temple is built], BJP MP Jaskaur Meena said.

This is not the first time that any BJP leader has given their statement which correlate Ram Temple construction with Covid-19 Pandamic. Before Meena’s statement a BJP MLA in Madhya Pradesh has claimed that corona virus pandemic will end with the beginning of Ram Temple construction in Ayodhya.

August 5 finalized to lay the foundation of Ram Temple in Ayodhya with a “bhoomi pujan” or groundbreaking ceremony, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also expected to attend the ceremony with 200 guests.

The bhoomi pujan was first scheduled to be held on April 30, but was postponed due to Covid-19 outbreak. The matter of concern is on April 30th the number of corona cases in the country was 33,000 with 1,074 deaths and now we have 15,24,168 cases with 33425 deaths.

Now the question may arise that without any proper supportive argument and theory is it rational for any responsible leader of the country to make such irrelevant comment?

What do you think?
Does the Corona virus get destroyed as soon as Ram Temple is built?

Does the Corona virus get destroyed as soon as Ram Temple is built?

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